Multimedia Reporter & Anchor

Peter Dollé is a 30-year veteran of broadcast journalism. Over the years he has worked for some of the most reputable broadcasters in the industry. He has produced several hundred TV news features on a wide variety of topics from almost every European country, including Germany, France, Belgium, Russia, Poland, Hungary, Greece, Bosnia, and Turkey, to name just a handful.  


Peter is a former Germany correspondent for European Journal (PBS-TV), First Business (BIZNET-TV/CONUS Communications), Marketplace News (Public Radio International), CNBC, Deutsche Welle TV and JN1.  He has also worked for NBC and Entertainment Tonight, and provided documentary programming to CBC, Dutch TV, Germany's N-TV and RTL.  


At present, Peter is producing a feature-length documentary on the challenges of European integration, entitled Growing Together Again.   


Peter Dollé is a former U.S. Army broadcaster.  From 1981 to 1983, he anchored the evening AFN TV newscasts in Berlin, and reported on U.S. Berlin Brigade and civilian municipal events.  He served with AFN TV/Radio in Turkey (CFN Incirlik) in 1980/81.


From 1994 to 1995, Peter was Chairman of the Berlin Foreign Press Association.  

He began his broadcasting career at KEZY-Radio in Anneheim, California in 1977.