The Years in Pictures


Left:  In Mostar, Bosnia, with old Betacam SP camera (July 10, 1996)

Center-Left:  With Time/Life photographer Tony Vaccaro (May 2001)

Center-Right:  Short-form documentary on 100 Years of the Foreign Press in Germany (photo capturing the opening of the Berlin Wall (November 9, 1989)   

Right:  Reporting at Potsdamer Platz for European Journal (1996)



Left:  On the news set at DW-TV (2001)

Center:  With German Chancellor Angela Merkel, Foreign Press Chairwoman Rozalia Romaniec, and former Foreign Press Chairman Hans Verbeek (November 2006, photo: Dr. Simon Harik)

Right:  Edzard Reuter, then-CEO of Daimler-Benz, at Berlin Foreign Press conference (July 1994, photo: Ann-Christine Jansson)



Left:  As Chairman of Berlin Foreign Press with former East German Premier Egon Krenz (November 1994, photo: Ann-Christine Jansson)

Center:  Selfie with former ANSA correspondent Riccardo Ehrman (the reporter who opened the Wall)

Right:  Former East German SED Party spokesman Gunther Schabowski (November 2000, photo: Dr. Simon Harik)